When to go to Innsbruck

When to go to Innsbruck

Due to its geographic position in the middle of central Europe and far from the sea, Innsbruck is characterised by a continental climate. Winters are cold, probably colder than in any other European city, and very snowy. Temperature in winter nights can go down to minus 12 degrees!

Spring time is short: days get warmer and temperatures often reach 15 degrees, but nights are always quite cold and sometimes frosty. Summer is highly variable and it is hard to make weather forecasts.

Summer days can be chilly(around 17 degrees), and rainy, or sunny and extremely hot, reaching 34 degrees. June, July and August are considered the rainiest months.
As it is easy to guess, in summer there is a clear thermal excursion between day and night, just like in all alpine locations, with an average night temperature of 12 degrees (sometimes falling down to 6 degrees).

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The average yearly temperature is 9 degrees.