The Golden Roof

The Golden Roof

The Golden Roof is the real symbol of Innsbruck, and represents one of the most sumptuous works of the German Late Gothic. It was built inside the ancient palace of the Archduke Friedrich IV on the occasion of the Emperor Maximilian’s marriage to Bianca Maria Sforza.

The loggia, built on two floors, was completed in the 16th century. The penthouse was not part of the original building, and its construction was ordered by Emperor Maximilian to enjoy the magnificent view over the city. Three different types of marble were used to build the penthouse, while the roof, from which the building took its name, is covered by a stunning 2657 gilded copper tiles.

Inside, the palace hosts the Golden Roof Museum, where it is possible to recall the life of Emperor Maximilian (1459-1519) that has represented one of the most influent characters of European history, and has given fame and importance to the city of Innsbruck, turning it into the “Capital of the Alps“.

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With the end of the imperial glories, the Roof was used for various purposes, and since 2003 it has been the permanent seat of the Secretariat of the Alpine convention, an organization which has the purpose to promote and preserve the development of the Alps, protecting their environment.