Annasaule Innsbruck

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Annasaule Innsbruck

Saint Anne’s column is now integral part of the city skyline, rising opposite the majestic mountain chain of the Nordkette which stands out from the background.

Raised in 1703, the column is 13 metres high, and is dominated by the statue of the Madonna, which separates the old town from the new part belonging to Maria-Theresien-Strasse.

On each of the four corners of the column lies the statue of a Saint: Saint George, the old patron saint of the region; Saint Cassiano and Saint Vigilio, the two patron saints of the dioceses, and Saint Anne, from which the monument took its name. The column was raised to commemorate the lucky victory over the Bavarian troops, an event which marked Austrian history and was lately known as the Bavarian Turmoil.

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