• Innsbruck Map

    Innsbruck Map

  • Innsbruck Food specialties

    Innsbruck Food specialties Just like the majority of the Alpine dishes, Tyrolean dishes are also very rich, although simple. The so called “poor...

  • When to go to Innsbruck

    When to go to Innsbruck Due to its geographic position in the middle of central Europe and far from the sea, Innsbruck is characterised by a continent...

  • The Golden Roof

    The Golden Roof The Golden Roof is the real symbol of Innsbruck, and represents one of the most sumptuous works of the German Late Gothic. It was buil...

  • Schloss Ambras in Innsbruck

    Schloss Ambras in Innsbruck In the Renaissance it was a must for every prince to own a castle, and exactly for this reason the Archduke Ferdinand II o...



Innsbruck Guide

The reputation of Innsbruck as the "Florence of the North" is certainly deserved, and it comes not only from the beauty of its Old Town, but also from the wonderful mountain landscape surrounding it.

Together with Vienna and Salzburg Innsbruck is considered one of the favourite destinations in Austria, with its aspect of small medieval village surrounded by ancient walls and massive palaces, and the maze of lanes of the Old Town, with pastel coloured houses facing the streets. But to catch the real historical charm of the city, you must stroll through the narrow streets and arcades of the Old Town, and pay attention to the numerous details characterizing the façades of the splendid buildings, where the paintings and frescoes that decorate the beautiful bourgeois palaces can tell on the city much more than any history book.

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